Cost Effective

Short term plans and entry level coverage plans will fit any budget.

Why should you pay for guaranteed response times 24x7 if nobody is using the system after hours, except for backups? Although this sounds like a good idea to fix system in the middle of the night to be ready for the next day. Consider this:

  • Most issues can be fixed within less than hour.
  • If repairs take longer, they tent to last much longer. In this case it is more important to have a fail-over plan in place than a 24x7 repair team on standby.

Our Plans

Monitoring Only Plan (We monitor the systems and take action if necessary)

Bronze Plan (Pro-Active Maintenance, Monitoring, plus guaranteed response time 9-5 Mon-Fri)

Silver Plan (Pro-Active Maintenance, Monitoring, plus .guaranteed response time 8-8 Mon-Fri)

Gold Plan (Pro-Active Maintenance, Monitoring, plus guaranteed response time 24x7)

60 day termination clause for all SLA lelvels.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pro-Active System and Application Monitoring with SmartScore
  • Backup and Backup Verification (Ensuring that backups actually work)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Server and Application Patches (OS patches upon request)
  • Training
  • Consulting