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Why DBA support is important.

For most businesses, data is the backbone of any operation. The volume of data varies depending on the type of business. The services industry tents to maintain the most data and the construction industry the least.

No Matter What Industry You Represent

Ask yourself these couple of questions, and if you have any doubts about only one of these questions, you probably need DBA support.

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Traditional remote DBA support services offer services based on your install base, if you need it or not. We offer a new approach of remote DBA support that goes beyond the databases and covers the entire user experience of any application.

The basic concept of a remote DBA support is to lower the cost of database administration. Traditionally, remote DBA support was offered to large enterprise corporations with entire teams of DBAs. The goal was to do the same at a lower cost. This is just another form of outsourcing.

Our remote DBA support approach has a completely different target market. It is geared towards small and medium businesses that have a one or more applications running on one or more servers. On the surface, these applications seem to have nothing in common with any DBA needs at all. That's why the sole focus on databases provide a false sense of security and do not provide the full coverage SMB need to stay competitive.

This perception quickly changes in a crisis situation when data loss is occurring and these small and medium businesses are on the brink of disaster. Good luck in finding database experts in the Yellow Pages. Even if you find a database expert, what could this expert do without the in-depth information about how your system should look like.

Our remote DBA support coverage includes:.

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Sometimes there is no need to actively touch the systems. But you want the piece of mind that somebody is watching out for you.
Once again, traditional remote DBA support services don't distinguish between passive and active DBA support. .
We have a plan for everybody

Starting with a monitoring only plan to .to an almost full time DBA, we have a plan that fits your needs.


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